Our Psychologists

Dr. Suzanne Collins

Suzanne Collins, Psy.D. is the co-owner and managing partner of L+C Psychological Services. Dr. Collins is a clinical child psychologist with extensive experience working in private practice for the past ten years. Dr. Collins uses cognitive-behavioral and solution-focused based interventions, as well engaging in play therapy. She provides individual and family therapy, teaches parenting skills, facilitates group therapy, and provides psychological assessments for ADHD and learning issues...

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Dr. Kirk Little

Kirk Little, Psy.D. is the co-owner of L+C Psychological Services. Dr. Little is a clinical psychologist with extensive experience working in private practice for the past fifteen years. Dr. Little is specially trained in neuropsychological assessment, pediatrics, and child and family therapy. Currently, Dr. Little is the only psychologist in the Greater Cincinnati area to perform Quantitative EEG brain mapping and Neurofeedback and is participating in a multi-site research project designed to test the efficacy of Neurofeedback treatment for patients suffering from traumatic brain injury...

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Dr. Debra Goran

Debra Goran, Ph.D. is a very seasoned psychologist with three decades of working in this field with all sorts of clients. She believes that every problem has multiple solutions and supports you in finding the one that feels the most right for you. She has a great deal of experience in working with all sorts of trauma, childhood abuse, sexual trauma, military and combat trauma, car accidents, etc. She is also well versed in anxiety and depression, panic attacks, couples and relationship issues, and habit disorders...

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Dr. Victoria Havron

Victoria Havron, Psy.D. works with children, teens, and their families who are struggling with various issues including anxiety, depression, ADHD, behavioral concerns, and traumatic experiences. Dr. Havron provides individual and family therapy as well as psychological assessment for ADHD and learning difficulties....

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Dr. Lauren Craven

Dr. Craven maintains a general psychological practice with a focus on the diagnosis, testing, intervention, and treatment of a variety of mental health issues. She works with individuals of all ages who are struggling with all sorts of challenges – personal relationships, anxiety, depression, ADHD, self-injury, suicidal ideation, etc...

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“Life is constantly changing, sometimes these changes are good and sometimes they are difficult. Helping families navigate these transitions and become stronger in the process is the ultimate goal.”